Friday, May 20, 2011

Safely Home

Sometimes a book just speaks to my heart in a powerful way. These quickly become my favorites, and I passionately pass them on to others so that they can "experience" the awe and wonder.

Rancy Alcorn has written a powerful book in Safely Home that brings to light the persecution of Christians in China. It is a common practice for communist countries to present themselves to the world in a calculated and positive way to get what it wants and not bring suspicion upon themselves. This book will shatter that image.

It is easy to forget those who are willingly risking their lives for the Lord every day. Lord willing, this book will stay in your memories for a life time. I don't even have my own copy yet, but plan to pick up as many as I can find .

Briefly, Ben Fielding finds himself on a business trip to China where he will stay with an old college friend, a native from Pushan, Li Quan. Ben, a nominal church-goer and ladder-climbing businessman, is completely unaware of the persecution that his friend Quan has endured since their friendship years ago. Ben finds himself in shock at Quan's life and secret activities that are considered "illegal" in China.

There is an interesting inclusion of the departed in heaven watching the story unfold. A special emphasis is given to the martyrs and Jesus Christ's future vengeance toward the oppressors of His children.

I love a good book, and have in the past found it difficult to set my reading aside for those daily task that beckon me. Nowadays, I usually set aside my evenings for reading so that I feel I have some time that is not otherwise spoken for.

HOWEVER, I simply could not put this book down!! Don't get me wrong. This reading was not always enjoyable, but boy, was I challenged. What "light and fluffy" Christianity do we have in America today? We couldn't hold a candle to our Chinese brothers and sisters.

I don't know about you, but I am not satisfied with a "normal" life. I recently visited with a young family who is planning to "work" in a hostile country. We need to take full advange of the freedoms we have her in the US. May the Lord continue to bless us with freedom in this country. Only He knows what tomorrow will bring.

If you enjoy reading Safely Home by Randy Alcorn, you will like Daughter of China by C. Hope Flinchbaugh.


PS. Please know that I do not completely agree with all the doctrine in Randy Alcorn's book. The Rapture is not mentioned in the book, and there are a few other obvious errors. As my new friend says, "Eat the meat and spit out the bones." Still a very worthy read!

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