Monday, July 11, 2011

Encouraging Blogs

There are so many venues for good reading in our day. And there is no shortage of good material to read. As always this is our first consideration. We can read the old fashioned way (my personal favorite), in magazines, on kindle and nook, on a smart phone, or online.

The world of blogs or websites is fascinating and new to me. I'm sure others are far more techno-savy than I am, but I have enjoyed the good reading I've found online. I thought I might share some that I have found or that have been recommended to me by others. I am always on the lookout for good solid Christian blogs. I frequently purge from my list of blogs ones that have ceased to help me on my path heavenward. A few that I read are not Christian in nature, but they are helpful and not offensive.

I don't read blogs every day (or write for that matter), but I think it's easy to get hooked. Have you ever been online doing email or facebook and realized that an hour has passed?  It is so easy to do, and what have we accomplished really. Even though the computer has a clock on it, I sit where I can see another clock so that time doesn't get away from me. And make sure what you're reading is good for your spirit. There is a lot of negative literature online. Not just the outright sinful stuff, but things that encourage griping and a contentious spirit. Be above all that. If it does help, get rid of it.

Even in our reading we must prioritize. Our Bible reading must be at the top of the list. Although other reading may encourage and uplift, the Bible can change your life like no other book.

I read blogs on the topics of Christian womanhood, parenting, ministry, cooking, couponing, and other topics. As I mentioned I'm always on the lookout for a good blog. I don't have to agree with the author's views on everything to enjoy their writing. If you have a good solid Biblical foundation in life, you can "eat the meat and spit out the bones".

Here are a few I enjoy-

I would love to hear what blogs you enjoy. The last two I listed are not particularly Christian, just fun. Be safe online. Get the good stuff, and chuck the rest.


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