Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Lifetime of Reading

Reading has always tied me to my family and my faith. Grandpa read me the "funny paper". Mom checked out Grace Livingston Hill books which I devoured before they were due back. They unknowingly fostered in me an early love of reading.

I suppose I've always been a little solitary by nature. Reading was my way to visit the world before I could actually visit it. I explored New England, laid back in the Deep South, survived the Canadian Wilderness, and roamed Great Britain to name a few. Later I discovered the value of reading for spiritual encouragement. Now, I don't know what I'd do without it.

Although I have now had the chance to visit many of those places, my desire for reading about them hasn't diminished. It has grown. Now it seems like I have more books than truly can read. They line the shelf; from bookstores, book sales, bargain shops and relatives. Some times I have to refrain, knowing that if I start something I won't want to put down that precious volume.     

Reading books about faith has been my mainstay for decades. Whether fictional or not, it is encouraging to see faith blossom, carry, and sustain others through the rough patches of life.  Of course, the Scripture is my best source of strength. How can so much wisdom be contained in the few simple words of a Bible verse? The Spirit breathed...that's how. The Creator has made such a beautiful world, surely He is the ultimate writer of poetry and prose.

This is a blog to share those words in written form that have captured my attention...perhaps even stopped me in my tracks. They say, "think about that for a moment". Really breathe it in. Don't we get so busy that those quiet moments can get lost. That is the beauty of reading. I've never been one who can read while doing anything else. I love it quiet, maybe soft instrumental music in the background, or no sound at all. To be carried along by mere words. Ah, that is tranquility.

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