Monday, December 24, 2012

Out with the Old in with the New

As I close this year, I am finally able to post on this blog. Computer problems, of course. I am looking forward to a new year of wonderful reading, and Lord willing, posting.

I was able to log 37 books in my reading journal this year. How did you do? Some of those were read-alouds to my little one. I seem to have a huge pile of books I want to get to this year. And I am really looking forward to that!

Here were a few great reads from this last year.

PP Bliss Songwriter by William Guest (*Favorite of the year)
52 Things Kids Need from a Mom by Angela Thomas
The Unselfishness of God by Hannah Whitall Smith
A Love that Multiplies by JimBob and Michelle Duggar
Beach Dreams by Trish Perry
Raising a Daughter After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George
With Daring Faith: Amy Carmichael by Rebecca H. Davis
Canary Island Song by Robin Jones Gunn

I love to mix up fiction, biography, Christian living, and parenting/marriage altogether in the year. I hope you will be challenged to expand your reading horizons. Keep it uplifting and acceptable to the Lord, but challenge yourself to read from a genre you haven't lately. My reading tastes changed once I became a parent. Now after several years they are changing again.

Have a wonderful year.

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  1. Happy to see you posting again. Thanks for sharing your reading list.